Matthew Locke - Consort of fower parts

Matthew Locke - Consort of fower parts

Aeolus, 2004

AE 10106

EAN: 4026798101060

€ 19.00

One could listen to each movement ten times in a row without becoming tired of it. (Reinhard Kriechbaum, Concerto 04.2005)

A splendid recording of fascinating repertoire by an ensemble which unites technical brilliance with a thorough understanding of the music. (Johan van Veen, Musicweb-International, 2005)


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New London, USA

16.Juli 2018



15.Juni 2018

Bart's current town, Bertem, will be celebrating its cultural and sporty people of the year. He will be receiving the award for best musical act for the Flanders Recorder Quartet on 22nd July. Congrats!