06.Juni 2018

News news: Tour data Japan 2018:
- 30 Nov, 15h & 19h: Kagoshimaken Kagoshimashi Kajiyacho 5-6 | Kajiyacho-Kyokai | 892-0846 Japan
- 03 Dec, 19h: Tokyoto Taitouku Uenokouen 5-45 | Tokyo Bunka Kaikan recital hall | 110-8716 Japan
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22.Mai 2018

The official Taiwan 2018 dates and venues:
25. Nov 2018 - Taichung Huludun Cultural Center 1,4.30
26. Nov 2018 - Taipei National concert Hall, 19.30
28. Nov 2018 - Tainan Cultural Center, 19.30

26.März 2018

Our 17 March Edinburgh concert could not take place owing to travel delays caused by cancellation of flights at London Heathrow Airport. Together with the Georgian Concert Society, wer’re delighted to announce that the concert has been re-scheduled for Saturday 21 April 2018 at 7.30pm at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, 13 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 9PA. Ticket holders can use the tickets for Saturday 17 March for this concert. Ticket holders who cannot attend the re-scheduled concert can apply for a refund by sending their tickets to the Administrator at 64 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh EH7 5HU together with a note of the name and address and a cheque will be sent out. Refunds must be claimed by Friday 13 April 2018. Ticket holders who bought their tickets from The Queen’s Hall Box Office should apply to The Queen’s Hall for refunds.

01.Februar 2018

Preparing for our upcoming USA tour. Concert details here:
17 February: Milwaukee, WI, USA (5:00) with pre-talk at 4:00
18 February: Columbus, OH, USA (3:00)
20 February: Oberlin, OH, USA (8:00)
22 February: New York, NY, USA (7:30) with pre-talk at 7:00
23 February: Boston, MA, USA (8:00) with pre-talk at 7:00
25 February: San Jose, CA, USA (7:00) with pre-talk at 6:15
27 February: Lansing, MI, USA (7:30)
04 March: Tucson, AZ, USA (3:00)
06 March 2018: Colorado Springs, CO, USA (7:30)

31.Januar 2018

Due to overwhelming success, the 17 March Edinburgh concert has moved to a new venue. It will now take place at St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church in Edinburgh. Tickets are available again; Get yours now!


5 [five]

5 [five], released 17.Juni 2017


Encore!, released 12.Oktober 2012





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A Song for all Seasons


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The Final Chapter