31 januari 2018

Due to overwhelming success, the 17 March Edinburgh concert has moved to a new venue. It will now take place at St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church in Edinburgh. Tickets are available again; Get yours now!

26 januari 2018

News update: Tickets for the New York concert on 22th Feb are available! See our concerts listing!

14 januari 2018

nieuwe concerten en workshops toegevoegd aan de agenda!

18 november 2017

Just in: American Recorder Society Distinguished Achievement Award for the Flanders Recorder Quartet. Overwhelming - thank you so much!

13 oktober 2017

De data van onze Amerika tournee voorjaar 2018 staan online. Check it out!


5 [five]

5 [five], released 17 juni 2017


Encore!, released 12 oktober 2012



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